Flushing Cassette Toilet + Instant Tent

A lot of people I’ve talked to have said that they prefer a simply bucket as their toilet. Some will use plastic bag liners to make it easier to dispose of the contents. The bucket will run you about five bucks which is hard to beat.

I really like the flushing cassette toilets. These are super comfortable and easy to manage. You use it just like a normal toilet. It even flushes. I drop in a bio-pak each time I empty it. This is like a tide pod for your toilet. It keeps any smells from developing and keeps the inside of the toilet cassette clean.

A stack of moist wipes sits next to the toilet and leaves you feeling fresh and clean afterwards. I usually have a half gallon of hand sanitizer in a pump-bottle on the table outside.


I put the toilet inside a simple instant tent for privacy. This is also a good shelter to keep the generator out of the elements. I use a simple steel cable to lock the toilet and generator onto the camper and prevent them from walking away.

One other point is that I like to use ten inch lag bolts to anchor the tent. This is a tradition I picked up at Burning Man where high winds are taken for granted. The tent fill slap around and fall over in the wind, then right itself on its own. It ends up being a great system.