Hot Showers

There are basically two ways for nomads to take hot showers outside a truck stop or campground.

Getting Free Showers

First let me say this is an easy tactic that I’ve had great success with. Any KOA or State Campground is going to have cheap or free showers for people who camp there, and the rangers and employees clock out at five. Just drive to the back or park next door and then walk with your backpack to the bathrooms and shower. Nobody ever hassles you in my experience.

But if you’ve boondocking and need to figure out your own shower situation, here are the two main strategies.

Unless you’re at a nude campground or on BLM/USDA land, you’re going to need some kind of tent if you want to avoid offending the delicate sensibilities of the typical modern American. This is the one I have. I really like that it has steel members instead of fiberglass. No more cuts.


The Solar Shower Method

The first method, the solar shower, is probably the one you’re already familiar with…

Solar Shower

You can use some kind of dark container to heat the water from the sunlight. These often simply gravity to run the water through a shower head and then you can take your shower. This method is great as long as you want a quick shower and you have lots of sunlight.

This is a popular method, particularly at places like Burning Man where showers are scarce and precious, but sunlight is abundant.

The Propane Method

The propane method is probably the most popular way to get hot water while boondocking.

LPG Shower

Something like this is going to take batteries in order to pump water from a container, through the unit, and then out the shower head.

This method does rely on you having a constant supply of propane gas which you will need to refill and maintain. Be careful to avoid the ones that require water pressure unless you have a source of that pressure such as an RV water system.